A. National Council Meeting ;updates will be provided shortly B. Junior University Administrators ;updates will be provided shortly C. Senior University Administrators workshop. ;updates will be provided shortly D. ANUPA International Conference. ;updates will be provided shortly E. 2020 National Conference and General Assembly. ;updates will be provided shortly F. Kindly call to update your membership on the website at ANUPA National Secretariat through ANUPA National Vp1 on 08064813119.... G. Please be informed that the accommodation facilities and the hotel contacts for the 2020 ANUPA National Conference and upcoming will be provided shorthly....

Contact Us

(a1) National president:- Barrister T.I Igwe

Deputy Registrar, Imo State University, Imo State; Nigeria

Email:- igweti2006@gmail.com

You can also reach the National President at ANUPA National President’s Official email: president@anupanigeria.com

Phone Number:- 08033264917

(a2) National Vice president 1:-  Mr Robert Oba Bisong

Principal Assistant Registrar, Graduate School, University of Calabar, Calabar ; Nigeria

Email:- obabisong2017@gmail.com

You can also reach the National Vice President 1 at ANUPA National President’s Official email: vp1@anupanigeria.com

Phone Number:- 08064813119

(b)  National General Secretary :- Mr Sarafadeen A Adebisi. Tai Solarin University of Education,Ijagun, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

Email: sarafadeenadebisi@yahoo.com

You can also reach the National General Secretary at ANUPA National General Secretary’s Official email: nationalgensec@anupanigeria.com

Phone no – 08034540253

(c) National Public Relation Officer:- Mr Donald O. Akinmade

You can also reach the National Public Relation Official’s at ANUPA National PRO Official email: pro@anupanigeria.com

Phone no:-08054012712

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