Former Hand over /Inaugural Meeting of the National Executive committee 23rd – 26th January , 2022 Second Meeting of the National Executive committee. 28th March , 2022. First Meeting of the National Council. 29th March , 2022 Training training for Junior University Professional Admin Officers. 30th – 2nd April , 2022 Meeting of Secretariat Project Committee and ANUPA Institute development Committee. 7th June, 2022 Third meeting of the National Executive committee. 8th June, 2022 Second Meeting of National Council. 9th June , 2022 Training program for senior university professional admin officer. 6th – 9th July , 2022 Fourth meeting of National Executive committee. 8th September, 2022 Third Meeting of National Council. 9th September, 2022. 2022 Annual General Meeting / Conference. 13th – 17th December, 2022.

About Us

ANUPA is an association of Nigerian University Professional Administrators.

The Aims and Objectives of ANUPA

  1. To promote and advance professional administrative knowledge and best practice through workshop and seminars;
  2. To promote individual and corporate welfare of the members;
  3. Arrange conferences for the exchange of ideas in the development of the administrative and management of higher education;
  4. Provision of forum for the discussion of current problems in the universities education;
  5. Issuance of publications from time to time in furtherance of the aim and objectives of the association;
  6. Facilitating the exchange of information on professional, managerial and administrative activities as well as techniques and skills among members and maintain links with the university administrators and managers of other bodies involved in higher higher education locally and internationally;